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Walden Art 212 002.JPG
Paint handprints of the graduating class of 2014

Walden Art 215 001 A.JPG
A white rabbit in a black t-shirt with three X's on it

Walden Art 215 002 .JPG
Painting of robot

Walden Art 215 003 .JPG
A painting of many silhouettes in front of a fire. Behind them is an eclipse.

Walden Art 215 004 .JPG
A painting of a doll-like figure reaching out toward a bird.

Walden Art 215 005 .JPG
Featuring a quote by Thomas Jefferson from the Declaration of Independence

Walden Art 216-219 001 .JPG
Minimalistic peace mural

Walden Art 219 002 .JPG
Mural with the phrase, "Silence is an echo of peace and chaos"

Walden Art 219 005 .JPG
Painting of man reading "Interview with a Vampire"
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