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Walden Art 216 006 .JPG
Painting of various girls standing in front of a barcode

Walden Art Hall 2 004.JPG
A colorful painting of many abstract shapes and lines on a bank of lockers.

Walden Art Hall 2 006A.JPG
A painting of multiple colored teardrop-like shapes on a bank of lockers.

Walden Art 215 005 .JPG
Featuring a quote by Thomas Jefferson from the Declaration of Independence

Walden Art 219 001.JPG
Portrait of Amelia Earhart

Walden Art NE Hall 2 001A.JPG
A painting of the American flag across a bank of lockers.

Walden Art 218 009A.JPG
Mural of American Flag, the Lincoln Monument, the US Capitol building and other American Monuments

Walden Art Old Hall 3 001.JPG
Painting of four skeletal girls sitting on a tree branch with the phrase "Amigas Por Siempre" (Spanish for "Friends Forever"). In the second floor hallway of the West Wing.

Walden Art 317 001.JPG
A painting of various people in the style of Japanese anime/manga
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