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Walden Art South Hall 2 005A.JPG
A painting of various brands of candies, chips, and soft drinks.

Walden Art 215 002 .JPG
Painting of robot

Walden Art BZ 005.JPG
Painting of a rainbow sun smiling and beaming down on flowers and mushrooms. Painted above the stairway door on the second floor of the West Wing.

Walden Art Hall 3 006A.JPG
A painting of the letters spelling "WALDEN" made of small square murals

Walden Art BZ 003.JPG
A mosaic in three panels above the stairs that lead from the 1921 addition into the West Wing. The first panel depicts two basketball players, the second depicts a group of students gathered in front of Franklin School, and the third is of a coupleā€¦

Walden Art Street Mural 001.JPG
A mural of Earth surrounded by a rainbow flower painted at the intersection of 10th Street and Center Street.

Walden Art South Hall 2 006.JPG
Green School's logo painted on two doors in the 1921 addition.

Walden Art 317 001.JPG
A painting of various people in the style of Japanese anime/manga

Walden Art Hall 3 002.JPG
A painting of an eye with a skull in the pupil across a bank of lockers, inspired by a piece by M.C. Escher.
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