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Walden 001.JPG
Exterior of Walden III Middle and High School

Walden Art Front Sign 001.JPG
A carved wooden sign outside of Walden's 1012 Center Street building.

Walden Art NE Hall 2 003.JPG
A plaque reading "Walden III In the Process of Discovery"

Walden Roof Solar 005.JPG
Solar panels located on Walden's roof.

Walden Roof Bell 002.JPG
Walden III's old school bell, no longer in use

Walden Art Street Mural 001.JPG
A mural of Earth surrounded by a rainbow flower painted at the intersection of 10th Street and Center Street.

Walden Art 212 001.JPG
Green School's logo painted on the gymnasium floor.

Walden Art South Hall 2 006.JPG
Green School's logo painted on two doors in the 1921 addition.

Walden Art Park 001 .JPG
Mosaic made with pieces of glass, ceramic, and mirror fragments

Walden Art Chimney Monk 001.JPG
Word "monk" painted on brick chimney
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