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Walden Art 323 002.JPG
A painting of a woman with a flower in her windswept hair and leaves falling around her.

Walden Art 221 001 .JPG
Based on the song "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd

Walden Art 201 002A.JPG
On panels above te room's five windows the five creatures from Maurice Sendak's book "Where the Wild Things Are" are painted, along with an extension of the mural along the back right corner of the room.

Weapons left at Little Bohemia.jpg
Officer posing next to weapons seized at Little Bohemia after raid

Walden Art Hall 1 008A.JPG
A painting of an eye, a rainbow wen, a spider, a mouth, a lily, an eagle, a pair of hands, a stalk of corn, a drum, lips and a cigarette, a ow, a globe, smoke and tree roots that reach down to hold a heart.

Walden Art Hall 3 006A.JPG
A painting of the letters spelling "WALDEN" made of small square murals

Walden Art Front Sign 001.JPG
A carved wooden sign outside of Walden's 1012 Center Street building.

Walden Art NE Hall 2 003.JPG
A plaque reading "Walden III In the Process of Discovery"

Walden Art Hall 2 002C.JPG
A painted sign hanging in the main hallway to direct visitors towards the office.
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