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Dutton Warehouse & Grain Elevator

Dutton Warehouse & Grain Elevator

No longer standing, was located on Racine’s harbor (verified site)

Racine Harbor

Lithograph of Racine's harbor, A.P. Dutton's warehouse can be seen beyond a bridge on the left


  • The warehouse and its owner, A.P. Dutton, were mentioned in written accounts by abolitionists after the Civil War.
  • Dutton wrote letters to W. Seibert after the Civil War admitting to his role in the Underground Railroad.
  • Dutton was known to be an active abolitionist, as shown by his signing of the declaration that praised Col. William Utley’s abolitionist practices in Kentucky.
  • Dutton would have access to information about the ships and captains friendly to fugitives and the ships’ routes.